5 Best Open World Horror Games That You Can Play

Video games come in different genres and classes. In the horror genre, you play some amazing games to learn lessons of life. This article will expose you to some open world horror games that can be played over several devices.

Friday The 13th: The Game

The game was released to the public in May 2017. As one of the best open world multiplayer horror games, the plot remains unique players. Players have the opportunity to ply via the lands of Camp Crystal Lake and as well control the character called Jason Voorhees. The part of the antagonist is primarily for Jason and you have the opportunity to control this character. The game also displays other eleven characters that can be controlled to combat with Jason.

Dying Light

The Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment has been able to develop and publish a first contender horror game called Dying Light. This open world game depicts the thorough level of survival. In this game, players will operate in an apocalyptic zombie-infested environment with total exploration. Players will have to strive in surviving in this game where virtually fifty percent of the population is zombie. There are two different gameplay settings because the game offers you both night and day cycles.

Killing Floor 2

If you are a big fan of hardcore horror-survival game, then Killing Floor 2 remains a great game. The characters here in the game are blood-sucking creatures that give the gameplay a unique spin. It comes with some unique events and eerie settings that give the game special concentration. When playing this game, you may feel some chills through your spine. With a special storyline, new graphics, revamped mechanics, you can enjoy this game.

Left 4 Dead

If you are looking for a special open world horror game that counts, Left 4 Dead is a great choice. In the game, you will discover a pure zombie-oriented gameplay. Playing the game may involve more than one person and up to four. Players have the opportunity to control characters such as Francis, Zoey, Louis and Bill. Every character in this game display unique skills that can be compatible with other actors.

Dead Space 3

This is a new and innovative open-world horror game with tons of amazing features to enjoy. The franchise of this game was able to apply better standards and strengths in developing this piece. With a unique and distinct storyline, you can enjoy every bit of the game. In Dead Space 3, you have the opportunity to control the character called Isaac Clarke. Apart from controlling characters in this game, you will also have the opportunity of enjoying the entirety of the content. Isaac was left in a tough frozen environment with tons of horrors.

Some horror games are not open world in nature. This implies that playing these games may be difficult one way or the other. However, with the list above, you will be able to play without any discomfort.

Acer Predator X27: 4k G-Sync HDR Gaming Monitor

The Acer Predator X27 is another product from Acer. It is a gaming monitor that features 38-zone LED back lighting that enables it to attain the necessary level of contrast for quality HDR, in addition to peak luminance of up to 1,000cd/m2.

This 4k G-Sync HDR Gaming Monitor is quite thin, hence suitable for multi-monitor set-ups. It is often black but contains gentle red lights on the sides of its base.

Image Quality

The Acer Predator X27 4K monitor has a vibrant, accurate and consistent image quality with an assortment of colors including 100% SRGB, 96% DCI-P3, and 99% Adobe RGB color gamut.

Along with the high contrast ratio, brightness of 1,000 units, HDR support, as well as local dimming in 384 individual controlled zones, this gaming device promises to convey drastic changes in the world of video games. Although such powerful features will consume more power from your computer, it is worth it. Also, there is the need for a robust graphics card and connectors with sufficient bandwidth to unleash the full potential of this incredible invention.


The features of Acer Predator X27 have been optimized to enhance gameplay performance. One of the dominant features is the G-SYNC that is compatible with Nvidia graphics cards, which enables synchronization of the monitor’s refresh rate with GPU’S frame. Therefore, result in a steady Frames Per Second (FPS) rate that eliminates shuttering and screen tearing, apart from preventing FPS fluctuation and reducing input lag.

In fast-paced video games, there is a clear difference between the 60Hz and the 144Hz monitors. While playing a competitive game, the best 144Hz monitor gives players some significant advantages over their opponents as compared to regular monitors. Such striking performances is attributed to imperceptible tearing and latency, in addition to its general smooth performance. In fact, this is an aspect that will surely take gaming to the next level.

Also, it comes with a Tobii eye-tracking technology in the form of an inbuilt camera. These feature tracks the players’ eye movements to help them respond and make an accurate aim of targets in fast-paced games.

Other features include the dark Boost that enhances visibility in dark scenes, pre-calibrating gaming presets, and the crosshair overlays. All these integrated into one device guarantees the players incredibly engaging gameplay.

Design and Connectivity

The monitor comprises a set of ergonomic functionalities including up to 115 millimeters height adjustment, -5 – 25 degrees tilt, and +/- 5 degrees swivel.

Its connector ports consist of HDMI 2., plus two DisplayPort 1.4 that is compatible with Nvidia G-Sync technology. Also, the monitor employs 4:2:2 chroma sub-sampling to maintain the required DisplayPort’s bandwidth. Although it has no USB ports, the monitor has an audio port for inbuilt speakers.


Due to the fantastic features and relatively affordable prices, it is indeed true that Acer Predator X27 G-Synch HDR is set to disrupt the way people play games. Thanks to the incredible level of brightness, extensive color gamut, and superior contrast ration: this high-end device will bring a new breath and life to the world of video games.

Top 5 Cheap 144Hz Gaming Monitors Of This Year

Many modern games will, in the least, run at a speed of 60 frames per second. But this speed is rather slow for first-paced games. When the action heats up, your smooth gameplay is bound to be interrupted. If you want a smoother experience when gaming, a 60Hz monitor won’t suffice; you need a 144Hz monitor at least. Monitors at this level are usually quite expensive. But luckily for you, you don’t have to break the bank; buying any of the following 144Hz monitors won’t put a strain on your finances.

1. ViewSonic XG2401 24″ 144Hz 1ms 1080p FreeSync Gaming Monitor

The 24-inch monitor comes in a red and black theme. It features a full HD display and a contrast ratio of 120, 000, 000:1 for crisp resolution and richer colors. Apart from its superior aesthetics, it is also very functional: You can tilt the display as you wish and raise and lower the screen to your preferred level. The monitor is equipped with AMD FreeSynch technology which is able to synchronize the frame rate between your monitor and graphics card seamlessly. the ViewSonic is retailing at $259.99 on Amazon.

2. Acer XF240H 24-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080)

It comes in full HD display for those stunning images and excellent detail. For comfortable viewing, the monitor is equipped with Flicker-less technology which eliminates screen flicker, and Acer EyeProtect technology to reduce eye straining. It also has a Blue Light Filter to prevent long-term eye damage caused by extended exposure to blue light. Like the Viewsonic, it comes with AMD FreeSynch technology for a screen-tearing-free gaming experience. It is retailing at $209.99 on Amazon.

3. BenQ ZOWIE 24 inch 144Hz eSports Gaming Monitor

It is equipped with black eQualizer which improves visibility during dark scenes. You can now spot enemies hidden in dark corners easily. Its Color Vibrance technology that includes 20 levels of color vibrance settings will also improve the in-game color performance. The monitor comes with a specially designed frame that reduces the light reflected from the screen for minimal visual distractions. Its ZeroFlicker technology provides for comfortable viewing by reducing eye strain. The BenQ ZOWIE retails at $249.00 on Amazon.

Also Check: Acer Predator X27: 4k G-Sync HDR Gaming Monitor

4. AOC G2460PF 24″ Gaming Monitor

This 24-inch Led-lit Monitor comes in full HD display. You won’t experience any tearing or stuttering while gaming since it is equipped with AMD FreeSync technology. Long gaming hours can cause eye discomfort, but the AOC’S Flicker-free technology prevents this from ever happening. As far as connectivity is concerned, the AOC has your back: It is equipped with VGA, HDMI-MHL, Dual Link DVI, 4 x USB 2.0, Display Port, and a USB HUB. It is retailing at $195.78 on Amazon.

5.Nixeus VUE24A 144Hz FreeSync Gaming Monitor

The Nixeus VUE24A is equipped with DisplayPort AdaptiveSynch technology for an immersive gaming experience free from stuttering and tearing. It comes with full HD display and can support 16.7 million colors for those stunning and colorful visuals. It has a 1ms fast response rate for reduced ghosting. The monitor features convenient connections including Dual Link-DVI, DisplayPort, VGA, and HDMI. It is retailing at $309.99 on Amazon.

A 60HZ monitor just won’t do when it comes to your AAA gaming titles. Its performance will surely dip when the action heats up. For a truly smooth and immersive gaming experience, consider getting a 144Hz monitor. You don’t even have to cough up a lot of money with the cheaper options listed above.

3 Amazing ShowBox Alternatives to watch Movies and TV shows

3 Amazing ShowBox Alternatives to watch Movies and TV shows

Are you a movie buff?

…An out and out seeker for thorough entertainment?

Well, you must have heard of ShowBox app then and must have already rated it as the number one app to stream your favorite content…

We are not denying the fact that ShowBox is an all time favorite for several reasons but instead we are helping you out with some of its best alternatives that are worth a try!

Top 3 ShowBox Alternatives

PlayBox HD for Android and IOS

We can call PlayBox HD one of the best alternatives to ShowBox for the simple reason that it is very similar to ShowBox, both in the looks and the feel of the app. Since it works very similar to ShowBox, it definitely has a lot of content for the viewers that they can choose to stream on their device. The fact that it is HD clearly signifies that the content is HD and does not compromise with quality. The content can be streamed on a smart phone, tablet or any other device but it is advisable to enjoy the experience on a device that has a wide screen.

While the program is almost identical to ShowBox, the only slight difference that can distinguish between the two is that PlayBox HD has a bluish theme to it unlike ShowBox.


  • The application is absolutely free of cost to use.
  • There is no distinction on the basis of a premium version that could provide better and additional features to the users.
  • The picture quality is par excellence.


  • There have been complaints from the users that the application does not run properly in the safe mode sometimes. It also ends up behaving differently at times.

MegaBox HD for Android

MegaBox HD serves as a great substitute for ShowBox for all the Android users out there. Whether you use a smart phone or any other android device, you get your daily dose of exciting content ranging from movies to TV shows. If you are a ShowBox user, you will never find any difference in the feel of using this one either.

The application works and feels amazing. The only drawback with this one is that there are too many ad pop ups during the content.


  • The viewer has the option of choosing different resolutions, depending on the internet connection they have.
  • The viewer has an option of adding favorites to the content so they can come back and watch it without having to search for it.


  • It does not has a problem of slow streaming or lags since it boasts of a server that is both reliable and powerful.


  • The content is interrupted by too many advertisements.

Movie Box

The third alternative to ShowBox on our list is the popular MovieBox. It has features and a feel that is very similar to ShowBox. While it has all the goodness of ShowBox, the bad news is that the app supports only two different languages-Russian and English. So the viewers who are looking for English content are not too happy with this one. Another drawback with it is that there are trailers before any content is streamed.


  • The viewer can enjoy the latest and updated content here like the newly released movies.
  • It has a very user-friendly interface.


  • It is extremely annoying to watch an unwanted trailer before the content you have been waiting to watch.

So the next time when you are looking to download ShowBox APK latest version, do look out for these as well!

Water Softener Buying Guide: Important Things to Keep in Mind

Water softeners are not for everyone. After all, there are people who do not have to deal with hard water issues. For those who do; however, a water softener system can drastically improve the quality of life and make things a little bit easier. That being said, there is a need to invest in a good water softener system if you want to rid yourself of the daily irritations that come with using hard water. None-the-less, buying the first water softener you stumble upon might not be a good idea. Thorough research into water softeners is required before splashing money on a system. Below are some few things to consider when buying a water softener.

How hard is the water?

The first thing to keep in mind is how hard your water is. Water hardness is measured in grains per gallons. To measure the hardness of your water you can buy a water hardness testing kit. Alternatively, you can have a professional do the test for you. Whichever way you choose to go, the results of the test will influence the kind of softener to get. A test will also reveal the minerals that are in the water. Once you know how hard your water is, buy a softener that is strong enough to remove the hardness.

The certification

Though the NSF certification is voluntary, it indicates how efficient a water softener is. Needless to say, it is recommended that you purchase a softener with this certification. Generally speaking, the NSF certification means that a water softener is able to remove a minimum of 3,350 grains of hardness. Also, a softener with this certification will not use more than 5 gallons of water per 1,000 grains of hardness removed. And while there are some softeners that are more efficient, the NSF certification should be one of the things to consider.

The regeneration process

Regeneration is the process through which a water softener removes the salt build up in its resin basin. This process occurs to prevent the build up of scale in the softener. Different softeners come with differing regeneration mechanisms. There are those that have a timer that you set manually and the softener regenerates on the specific time you have set. Contrastingly, there are those that regenerate automatically after some time. The latter type is the better option as they regenerate only when it is necessary. Also, these types of softeners remove any guesswork in the regeneration process.


Another important factor to consider are online reviews. It is wise to check these reviews when buying a Water Softener, and for good reasons. The reviews of different water softeners will give you an insight into how they function. Also, online reviews will help you know which softener is best for you by comparing your situation with the experiences of other users. Water softeners are useful tools that may need maintenance. It is thus important to note that the resin bed of most water softeners accumulates water hardness particles over time. To get rid of these particles the water softener will undergo a process known as regeneration. This process salt in the water gets mixed with incoming water to get rid of hardness particles.

5 Best Water Softeners On The Market That You Can Buy Now

Water softeners come with a plethora of benefits for a buyer. A water softener can help to achieve smooth hair, clear and soft skin. Water softeners can help for shinier and cleaner cars, tiles, mirrors, glassware, silverware and plumbing fixtures. Nevertheless, it is highly important to ensure that the best product is selected to help you enjoy more benefits. In this article, you will find 5 best water softeners on the market that can serve you for a long time.

Fleck Water Softener:

The Fleck softeners usually come in both mid-tier and lesser unit with high price. The complete programmable cycles of this product make it easy for buyers to use. Buyers can make use of a digital meter that is easy to read when purchasing this water softener. This implies even a novice can use the product without much instructions.

Installing this water softener is simple and easy to do. In fact, the setup of the product is user-friendly and counted as one of the easiest in the entire market. Almond and black remain the two colours available for you to buy when exploring this product. One inch threaded plumbing adapter and the bypass valve are some of the key features of the softener.

Aquasana Water Softener:

Aquasana water softeners are one of the rare products that you can find on the market today. The extra and amazing features of this water softener make it unique and special. For every one million gallons of water, the product is able to get rid of around ninety-seven percent of chlorine. This feature only male this water softener beat the expectation of NFS standards.

The installation process of this water softener does not need back flushing, salt or electricity. Brass fittings, post-filter, copper-zinc KDF, activated carbon and pre-filter are the added accessories of the product. In just one package, you can find everything needed to operate this water softener. Reducing chemicals in the product will help to enhance indoor air and as well filter water easily.

Watts Water Softener:

Watts’ water softeners usually fall into the average-priced category. The weight of these water softeners often remains average or even lesser than anticipated. When using this product, it is easy to get rid of elements such as iron, calcium and magnesium. This means that the softener will help to improve your water usage at home.

Using these products in smaller homes or offices will help you enjoy total water usage experience. Maintaining these water softeners may require added efforts, so you need to be prepared. With respect to the regeneration strategy used, the capacity of the product may be bolstered by up to fifty-five percent.

Aqua-Pure Water Softener System:

A real Aqua-Pure softener usually comes with a less price. This is because Aqua-Pure water softeners have been available long time in the market. Even a novice can be able to install the base of an Aqua-Pure softener. The carbon filter of the product can help to regulate chlorine odour and taste.

This means that you will not encounter any big problem with the chlorination process taking place in the softener. These softeners usually provide users up to twenty gallons in one minute. One unique feature of this product is that you will find it a bit heavier than most water softeners.

Iron Water Softener:

Iron water softeners are always categorized as high priced. The sixty-four thousand grain capacity makes these softeners better than most products on the market. If you are looking for a water softener will top-notch performance, then iron products are great options. These products remain the best and greatest when talking about getting rid of particles and iron in water.

The filter of an iron water softener remains guaranteed, leading to long life. The well-designed mesh also play a great role in the filtration process of this product. The package of an iron water softener comes with a top-notch regulating panel. It comes with buttons and digital readings that are easy to use and intuitive. The digital metered valves are excellent for iron water softeners.

While there are several products on the market with amazing features, the five water softeners in this content will help you get great results. The most important thing to do is ensure to select a water softener that suits your immediate need. This will help you to control the water usage of your home, office or industrial purposes.