3 Amazing ShowBox Alternatives to watch Movies and TV shows

3 Amazing ShowBox Alternatives to watch Movies and TV shows

Are you a movie buff?

…An out and out seeker for thorough entertainment?

Well, you must have heard of ShowBox app then and must have already rated it as the number one app to stream your favorite content…

We are not denying the fact that ShowBox is an all time favorite for several reasons but instead we are helping you out with some of its best alternatives that are worth a try!

Top 3 ShowBox Alternatives

PlayBox HD for Android and IOS

We can call PlayBox HD one of the best alternatives to ShowBox for the simple reason that it is very similar to ShowBox, both in the looks and the feel of the app. Since it works very similar to ShowBox, it definitely has a lot of content for the viewers that they can choose to stream on their device. The fact that it is HD clearly signifies that the content is HD and does not compromise with quality. The content can be streamed on a smart phone, tablet or any other device but it is advisable to enjoy the experience on a device that has a wide screen.

While the program is almost identical to ShowBox, the only slight difference that can distinguish between the two is that PlayBox HD has a bluish theme to it unlike ShowBox.


  • The application is absolutely free of cost to use.
  • There is no distinction on the basis of a premium version that could provide better and additional features to the users.
  • The picture quality is par excellence.


  • There have been complaints from the users that the application does not run properly in the safe mode sometimes. It also ends up behaving differently at times.

MegaBox HD for Android

MegaBox HD serves as a great substitute for ShowBox for all the Android users out there. Whether you use a smart phone or any other android device, you get your daily dose of exciting content ranging from movies to TV shows. If you are a ShowBox user, you will never find any difference in the feel of using this one either.

The application works and feels amazing. The only drawback with this one is that there are too many ad pop ups during the content.


  • The viewer has the option of choosing different resolutions, depending on the internet connection they have.
  • The viewer has an option of adding favorites to the content so they can come back and watch it without having to search for it.


  • It does not has a problem of slow streaming or lags since it boasts of a server that is both reliable and powerful.


  • The content is interrupted by too many advertisements.

Movie Box

The third alternative to ShowBox on our list is the popular MovieBox. It has features and a feel that is very similar to ShowBox. While it has all the goodness of ShowBox, the bad news is that the app supports only two different languages-Russian and English. So the viewers who are looking for English content are not too happy with this one. Another drawback with it is that there are trailers before any content is streamed.


  • The viewer can enjoy the latest and updated content here like the newly released movies.
  • It has a very user-friendly interface.


  • It is extremely annoying to watch an unwanted trailer before the content you have been waiting to watch.

So the next time when you are looking to download ShowBox APK latest version, do look out for these as well!

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