5 Best Open World Horror Games That You Can Play

Video games come in different genres and classes. In the horror genre, you play some amazing games to learn lessons of life. This article will expose you to some open world horror games that can be played over several devices.

Friday The 13th: The Game

The game was released to the public in May 2017. As one of the best open world multiplayer horror games, the plot remains unique players. Players have the opportunity to ply via the lands of Camp Crystal Lake and as well control the character called Jason Voorhees. The part of the antagonist is primarily for Jason and you have the opportunity to control this character. The game also displays other eleven characters that can be controlled to combat with Jason.

Dying Light

The Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment has been able to develop and publish a first contender horror game called Dying Light. This open world game depicts the thorough level of survival. In this game, players will operate in an apocalyptic zombie-infested environment with total exploration. Players will have to strive in surviving in this game where virtually fifty percent of the population is zombie. There are two different gameplay settings because the game offers you both night and day cycles.

Killing Floor 2

If you are a big fan of hardcore horror-survival game, then Killing Floor 2 remains a great game. The characters here in the game are blood-sucking creatures that give the gameplay a unique spin. It comes with some unique events and eerie settings that give the game special concentration. When playing this game, you may feel some chills through your spine. With a special storyline, new graphics, revamped mechanics, you can enjoy this game.

Left 4 Dead

If you are looking for a special open world horror game that counts, Left 4 Dead is a great choice. In the game, you will discover a pure zombie-oriented gameplay. Playing the game may involve more than one person and up to four. Players have the opportunity to control characters such as Francis, Zoey, Louis and Bill. Every character in this game display unique skills that can be compatible with other actors.

Dead Space 3

This is a new and innovative open-world horror game with tons of amazing features to enjoy. The franchise of this game was able to apply better standards and strengths in developing this piece. With a unique and distinct storyline, you can enjoy every bit of the game. In Dead Space 3, you have the opportunity to control the character called Isaac Clarke. Apart from controlling characters in this game, you will also have the opportunity of enjoying the entirety of the content. Isaac was left in a tough frozen environment with tons of horrors.

Some horror games are not open world in nature. This implies that playing these games may be difficult one way or the other. However, with the list above, you will be able to play without any discomfort.

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